Over 18 years (as of January 2014) leadership and technical experience in the United States Air Force, specializing in space acquisitions, senior leader perspectives, and interactions between the Department of Defense and the U.S. Congress. Adept at using leadership and management to focus team effort on the final goal, improving communication and organization, developing leaders and eliminating waste. 

Air Force experience includes space launch program management, senior assistant to the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space Programs, congressional appropriations liaison for space, cyber and nuclear issues, defense fellow in the U.S. Senate, joint cruise missile defense, Air Force Intern (with space and nuclear tours), and networked simulation systems engineering. 

Non Air Force experience includes pro-bono tech advice (beta testing smartphone apps and online games, working with technology podcasts, and managing computers and networks), as well as serving a variety of positions in local churches (experience as administrator, deacon, teacher, financial lead, and treasurer of an $250K/year budget). 

A lifelong interest in technology includes experience as a student performing computer/network maintenance/repair and customer service for Apple Computer and Baylor University, and has continued to this day through numerous side projects using video, audio and pictorial media and active tracking of internet and social media trends.


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