Scotland: Nov. 2017 Lit Cube

by Wendy Purdy

The November Lit Cube takes us to the land of bagpipes, tartans and my favorite Starfleet engineer. it looks as though this box may be kicking off a "world travel" series, so if you've considered a subscription, now might be a fun time to join. December's theme will be "Passport to Paris."

Stitch Fix Time

by Wendy Purdy

As many of you know, I hate shopping...but I love Stitch Fix! I don't need new clothes often enough to sign up for the service on a monthly basis, so I just use the "on demand" option. Since this is my fourth shipment, my wardrobe is steadily growing with these stylish items. As usual, I will post the pieces from most to least favorite. However, the ranking decision was quite difficult this time, as I believe this was my favorite shipment so far.


1. Alex Colored Skinny Jean from Lakeview Denim: Red jeans, y'all!! I've never owned a pair of red jeans in my life. I love these...and they fit perfectly. I still don't know how Stitch Fix manages to send the perfect sizes for the pants.


2. Betty Chambray Shirt from Liverpool: How can you go wrong with a denim shirt? This shirt came in handy during the recent World Series.  I don't own any Astros clothing, but I possess some great Texas jewelry. Of course, this shirt allowed me to flaunt that in style.


3. Shiba Swing Knit Top from Papermoon: This quickly topped the list as favorite sleeveless shirt in my closet. The lightweight material made it the perfect choice during a recent heat wave. Also, I appreciate the wide shoulder straps.


4. Sarkise Button Detail Blouse from Collective Concepts: Match this with the red jeans, and I sport an instant patriotic outfit. When I add my white sneakers with the silver stars, it definitely gives that Independence Day feeling.


5. Dawson Bar Neck Knit Top from Nine Britton: Another great top I can pair with the red jeans. It can serve for more casual events...or add a bit of fancy "bling" for a dressier night on the town.




Halloween Time! - Oct. 2017 Lit Cube

by Wendy Purdy

Wow! I realize I missed posting about both the August and September Lit Cubes. Both featured fantastic themes. August contained Alice in Wonderland related items, while September brought a fall theme. Of course, October's box ushers us into the Halloween spirit by celebrating one of my favorite "spooky" moves.

Superhero/Supervillain: July 2017 LitCube

by Wendy Purdy

The timeless battle between good and evil....superhero vs. supervillain...brings a movie blockbuster/comic book vibe to the July LitCube. I used the candle already and greatly enjoyed the scent. The included coffee cup, albeit a little scary, reminded me to lighten up and have a little fun this week.

You've Got Mail - April 2017 Lit Cube

by Wendy Purdy

My favorite subscription box, Lit Cube, reached back to the 1990s for the theme of the April box....back to the days of modems and dial-up internet. Back to when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan actually interacted with each other for the whole movie, but still didn't discover "true love" until the very end. The included book updates the "You've Got Mail" tale, which was, of course, an update of "Shop Around the Corner." Movies, social networks and finding love...always updating!!

You CAN Do It!! - March 2017 Super Gains Pack

by Wendy Purdy

A surprise met my eyes when I opened my March Super Gains Pack. It contained 15 vials of a nutritional supplement called CH Alpha. This marked the first time I received such a large supply of an item in this box. I thought it was a great idea, because this longer supply would really give me a chance to see if the product offered a benefit to me. I'm really eager to try this particular item, as it is supposed to help with joint help, and I have a bum knee. Anyway, the box contained a few other interesting items as well.

Who Could Ever Learn to Love a Beast?

by Wendy Purdy

HIp! Hip! Hooray! Time to take a peek at my favorite subscription box: LitCube. The March box featured items related to that tale as old as time....Beauty and the Beast. In the video I mentioned we had not seen the new movie yet. We've seen it since this was filmed, and the whole family enjoyed it. Scroll below the video for a quick review of a couple of box items.

Belle's Library Candle: This candle burned for several hours and I really enjoyed the scent.

Chocolate-Covered Oreo: Yes, I managed to eat this myself. It was a chocolate-covered Oreo...what else can you say but, yum!!

Coffee Mug: I used my mug for tea, as it is a regular-size mug and not the giant size that I tend to save for coffee.

Calling all Ravenclaws!!

by Wendy Purdy

The March Wizarding World Box by Loot Crate allows subscribers to show off their Hogwarts House pride!! Of course, since the grown-ups in this house pledge allegiance to Ravenclaw, we chose to receive items specific to that house. The box included some more generic items as well.

Sweet on You Valentine - Out of the Box Sampler/Feb. 2017

by Wendy Purdy

I recently subscribed to the "Out of the Box Sampler." This box normally takes orders on a month-to-month basis, but I was able to take advantage of a four-month subscription plan. My first box arrived just in time for Valentine's Day and included lots of items for that celebration. With over 20 items enclosed, I will have fun trying out these handmade goodies for quite some time.

Super Gains Pack

by Wendy Purdy

I recently received my first-ever Super Gains Pack. This monthly subscription box contains various nutrition items, supplements, gear and clothing to help folks with their training routines. I've subscribed to a similar box in the past: WOD Box. I enjoyed that box, but I wanted to try one that was slightly larger and contained a few more items. I tried a couple of the box items already and look forward to sampling the others in the near future.

Mother of Dragons Lit Cube - January 2017

by Wendy Purdy

After a long hiatus for the holiday season and personal illness....PurdyCool is finally back in 2017. We hope to continue offering some fun unboxing videos as well as pictures and comments from interesting finds in our everyday lives. My first unboxing video of the year just happens to be for my favorite subscription box: LitCube. This month's fantasy theme, "Mother of Dragons," brought an intriguing book with a twist on an old, personal favorite of mine.

Sorting Hat Lit Cube - November 2016

by Wendy Purdy

Several of our subscription boxes this month featured items from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. I'm sure the release of the new "Fantastic Beasts" movie prompted this emphasis. My November Lit Cube included Hogwarts house-specific items. Of course, as a loyal Ravenclaw, I hoped to receive items from this house. was not meant to be. You can check the video below to see which of the other three houses' stuff arrived in my box.

Cookies and Shakes - Oct. 2016 WOD Box

by Wendy Purdy

After a brief YouTube hiatus, the PurdyCool channel returns with my review of the October WOD Box. I appreciate the mixture of software (nutrition samples) and hardware (clothes/kitchen gadgets) items included in this box each month. I used the Man Sports shaker for the first time today, and that interesting insert did indeed work as advertised.