From Holly: I recently received my first FabKids outfit. I like the dress and the pants. The dress is really comfy. I'm hoping to wear it sometime soon.

Note from Mom: I received a special offer from FabKids to order a "free" outfit (I still had to pay shipping and handling, which was around $5). As Holly's wardrobe currently consists of a great deal of very casual or very fancy outfits, I decided to take advantage of the offer and order something in the "middle."

In order to receive the free outfit, I did need to register for the VIP program. In this program, FabKids sends outfit selections on the first of the month. You can either choose an outfit or "opt out" for the month. If you do not make a choice or opt out by the 5th, the site will charge you for the month, but it will be credited to your account, and you can use that credit later in the store. You can also cancel your membership in the VIP program at any time.

The clothes seem to be very good quality. If they wash well and hold up after Holly wears them a few times, I will probably order another outfit or two from the site.