Our latest monthly subscription - Blue Bottle Coffee

So with the acquisition of some Christmas money, the search began for another monthly subscription box.  They are good options because instead of buying just one thing, you buy a monthly subscription and then Christmas comes each month!  I thought in this case I would try something a bit different, so I went for a coffee monthly subscription.  To look at the options, I used the blog Ramblings of a Suburban Mom List, as well as some suggestions from a tech news podcast I listen to (Daily Tech News Show by Tom Merritt).  His picks for coffee are the MistoBox and BlueBottle.  After looking at everything, I chose Blue Bottle.

Blue Bottle allows you to pick half a bag, full bag, two bags and three bags as subscriptions (or you can order single items of course).  The price is not bad ($14 per 12oz bag for the one bag option).  At the grocery store I'll spot good quality 12oz bags of coffee beans at around $9 to $12.  So $14 is not bad for fresh beans (mine were roasted on January 11, 2016 and received a few days later).  I also opted for the two bag option which resulted in slightly cheaper $13 per bag price.

The coffee delivered this month is Bella Donovan.  I found it to be a light smooth coffee with a good smell and taste to it.  The bags actually have internal zips so they are incredibly easy to close and seal.  They also included a nice card with picture and description of the month's coffee.  Overall I think a good deal for both money and quality.  Good job Blue Bottle!