Vasquez Rocks

Believe it or not, we managed to visit Vasquez Rocks without encountering any antagonistic aliens or having our vehicle stolen. The visit, though, was an unplanned detour as we drove home to San Pedro from Lancaster, CA. I (Wendy) just happened to look out my window as we cruised along the highway and spotted some rock formations that looked vaguely familiar. As I turned back to the highway, I saw a sign that said "Vasquez Rocks County Park Next Exit." I then proceeded to startle Stephen by yelling, "You must exit NOW!!"

After recovering from his initial shock, Stephen navigated the winding road to the park...about two miles from the highway exit. We parked at the Visitor Center, viewed the displays (including a few spiders and snakes) and then made our way to the rocks.

If you visit, I suggest wearing some sturdy athletic or hiking footwear. I was just wearing my city-slicker cowboy boots, so my progress was slow and I didn't try to reach the top of the rocks. Stephen and Taylor made it to the top, though.

Out of curiosity, we opened our Geocaching App and noticed a plethora of caches in the park. So if you enjoy geocaching, this is probably a great place to tally numerous finds in one day. We might try to return and do this on a day when we are better prepared for an extended stay. Admission to the park is free.