Season of the Force

Disneyland recently debuted its Tomorrowland "upgrade," Season of the Force. Capitalizing on the current Star Wars mania leading to the release of "The Force Awakens," the displays, character meet-and-greets and ride updates will encourage you to make the "Kessel Run" from the Main Gate as quickly as your ol' beat up bucket of bolts can handle.

The PurdyCool gang spent several hours exploring all the offerings of this galaxy far, far away. We even had the opportunity to meet some of the inhabitants.

What do you say when you meet Lord Vader? My strategy was to say as little as possible and escape with my windpipe intact. Holly took another approach and asked him to join her on the scarf side. I don't know...a scarf AND a cape might be a little much.

After we escaped from the clutches of the Empire, we hurried over to meet our favorite Wookie...a literal warm and fuzzy experience. Warning: Chewbacca, like Olaf, likes warm hugs. Of course, we assured him that we always let the Wookie win.

The character meet-and-greets are located in the Star Wars Launch Bay. The area also includes some awesome full-size and scale model props, costumes and other items from the movies.

Some familiar attractions also join in the fun with an infusion of midi-chlorians. (Yeah, I went there. HAHA!!) Star Tours, which has always been a Star Wars themed ride, received new scenes featuring locations and characters from the new movie. The "Captain EO" theater (it has an actual name that I can never remember) now shows "Path of the Jedi," a surprisingly moving film highlighting the history of the light/dark battle in the Force from the previous films, and a sneak peek at the new movie. Hyperspace Mountain allows you to join a rebel squadron fighting an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Finally, what would a trip into Season of the Force be without "Star Wars: THE MERCHANDISE?" Many locations now offer all manner of items for depleting your bank account. Head over to Star Trader for the largest selection, where I imagine these fellas are an effective shoplifting deterrent.

Overall, we have a very good feeling about the whole event, and deemed it Super PurdyCool!!