November Q Box Unboxing (Rilakkuma Theme)

Rilakkuma?  What's that you ask? (I know I did).  Well the PurdyCool girls are here to tell you (turns out it's Japanese for "relax" "bear" and he's big in Japan).  Here's a wikipedia article on Rilakkuma.  As the Youtube description says, it's totally "east meets west" as these homeschool "western" girls of Texas heritage meet the latest in Japanese fashion and fun.  The fun this month is brought by Q Box.  Q box brings "Hand-selected cute items in beauty, fashion, accessories, home" from Japan and South Korea.  So cuteness reigns here.  The girls trade off each month on this particular subscription box, so this month Holly gets to unwrap the items and divide the loot between them.  The fun really starts toward the end as they start reading some cards with interesting foreign translations or wording.  Enjoy!


The PurdyCool girls encounter a cultural "East meets West" when they unbox their December 2015 Q Box! This month's theme is "Rilakkuma" which is Japanese for "relax" and "bear" (wiki: See the girls lose it as they look through a card deck filled with amusing phrases and foreign languages.