Christmas Roadtrip: Day One!!

So we're headed to Texas to visit family for Christmas.  Cue National Lampoon Christmas Vacation music... (it's not that bad..well yet).

First Stop: Breakfast!  We made it a whole hour-and-a-half down the road.  We ate at....

Stephen managed to only drink four cups of coffee at breakfast, so we were able to ride down the road for a couple more hours until...

Hey, can't complain about a rest stop that's not only convenient, but also educational!!

Sadly, I was unable to capture video of the little chihuahua trying to walk around in booties...because that that was funny right there...I don't care who you are.

We crossed into Arizona, and as we passed Kingman and started climbing into the mountain, guess what we found? Winter!! Yes, So. Cal. pals, it does exist!!

We stopped in Williams, AZ, and after retrieving our gloves from the, ahem, GLOVE COMPARTMENT (thanks, Wendy, for remembering those), we entered the Pine Country Restaurant...


Of course, the grown-ups needed more fortification in order the face the two minutes of walking back to the vehicle in the ice pellet shower.

We safely arrived at our hotel in Flagstaff....where the low tonight is projected to be 19 degrees. If we don't freeze from just that thought, we will be up bright and early tomorrow and ready to reach our next goal....AMARILLO!! (That's in Texas, y'all. Yee-haw!)

Co-authored by Wendy Purdy