Christmas Roadtrip: Day Two (Flagstaff to Amarillo)

Ol' man winter greeted us as we awoke in Flagstaff, AZ. We began to question the wisdom of selecting the northern route to Texas instead of the southern. Oh well...too late to change our minds now!! So, we brushed the white stuff off our van, packed as quickly as we could, and headed down Interstate 40.

Thankfully, the interstate was clear and the early part of the day proceeded with the oh-so-exciting views of travel along highway.....


We hit our first major traffic snag in Albuquerque. Since we were already delayed, we decided to continue a PurdyCool tradition and stop for a bite to eat at The Owl Cafe.

Of course, a stop for a bite to eat equals a rest stop down the road. Now, for all you Whovians out there who might doubt the good Doctor visited New Mexico, Holly found definitive proof in her bathroom stall.

As we approached Texas, all weather broke loose. Vivid lightning, loud thunder, driving rain and strong winds made us glad to finally reach our hotel in Amarillo.

On the next installment....Amarillo to Colleyville. The suspense builds: Did Grandma PurdyCool make that Texas sheet cake?