Disneyland Annual Passholder Days

This year, the Disneyland Resort decided to dedicate an entire month to celebrating its annual passholders. As part of this fortunate group, the PurdyCool gang decided to try and take advantage of all the special opportunities. Each week featured a different theme:

Sadly, due to a sudden illness, we did not visit during the first week's celebration. However, we found ourselves in the parks the following weeks to participate in all the special activities, including....

Character Meet and Greet

We met Roger Rabbit!! We all love Roger, but he definitely has a special place in Wendy's heart. In fact, Santa delivered a Roger Rabbit plush toy to her during her senior year of high school. It kept her company all during her college years. Other rare characters meeting guests during the months included Jiminy Cricket, Baloo, King Louie and Baymax.


At the Blue Sky Cellar, the girls enjoyed coloring and interacting with cast members and other guests. Of course, Taylor couldn't confine herself to the coloring pages....she had to draw on the tablecloth!! She drew everything pictured except the Jack Skellington (drawn by a cast member). Since this location also offered cell phone charging stations, mom and dad were happy to sit, relax and charge their phones while the girls explored their artistic sides.


Special show and Free Popcorn

Each week, the Main Street Opera House featured a show related to the week's theme. The second week we watched a show called "Disneyland 1961" and the True Nature film "Olympic Elk." The third week we watched a selection of Silly Symphonies and the fourth week we learned about "The Plausible Impossible." Taylor especially enjoyed this last offering, in which we learned about designing believable animation from Walt Disney himself. Actually, all the shows were hosted by Walt Disney, as they were from the old "Disneyland" television series. We also received free popcorn and water to enjoy while watching the movies.

Recipe Cards and Buttons

Some days when we visit the park, the crowds can become overwhelming and it's no longer feasible to wait to enjoy attractions. (After all, we've experienced them before). At that point, we deploy the "crowded day" motto: At least we can eat! Now, thanks to AP Days, we can enjoy some of our favorite Disney treats at home. We received two recipes each week during the celebration. The recipes above come from two of our favorite restaurants in Disneyland. We all also obtained a collectible pin featuring the week's theme.

All in all, we enjoyed the event. If nothing else, it gave us an excuse to catch up on some of our park visits. Due to an extended Christmas vacation and family sickness during the month of January, we feel woefully behind in our attendance. Hopefully, we will be able to take advantage of more special Annual Passholder events in the future!!