The Sorcerer's Workshop

As you can probably surmise from earlier posts, the PurdyCool gang enjoys visiting the Disneyland Resort. We certainly try to get our money's worth from our annual passes. However, sometimes a mass of humanity can overwhelm the parks, and the lines for rides grow to a length that cause us to seek entertainment elsewhere. During these times, we visit one of our "escape" attractions. The Animation Building in California Adventure contains one such attraction: The Sorcerer's Workshop.

The first room of the workshop gives you a chance to exercise your animation skills. Long, narrow pieces of paper and pencils await your drawing skills (strong or feeble) and your imagination.

Once you complete your creation, you can literally give it a whirl in one of the motion cylinders located in the room. Perhaps you will discover that you have a shot at becoming one of Disney's next great artists (like Taylor). Or perhaps you will discover people might pay you to STOP drawing (like Wendy). At any rate, you can always spin up one of the existing animations available in the room as well.

When you finish your creation, you can move to the Beast's Library. It appears the Beast suffers from anger management issues. Also, the enchanted rose makes an appearance, dropping petals at a rate that doesn't bode well for the breaking of the curse.


What a terrible predicament! We really hope....oh wait!! Computers!! They take a picture of your face!! They tell you which Disney character is most like you!! I can't believe it....the "original" Facebook quiz!! WE MUST COMPLETE THIS NOW!!!

Indeed, after answering a series of questions, the magic book will reveal some of your character traits and your Disney "twin." As a bonus, a mechanism exists to also allow you to discover your villainous side as well. After completing the quiz, Wendy discovered she is most like....MRS. INCREDIBLE!! What about the other PurdyCool folks? Take a guess, then scroll to the bottom of the post to see if you were right.

If you linger long enough, you notice an interesting transformation in the library: the lights brighten, the portrait repairs itself and the rose becomes whole once again. You suddenly realize that while you were fooling around on this quiz, you missed an epic battle, the death of the villain and the curse-breaking True Love's Kiss. Drat those computers!!!

In the past, guests could visit another room: Ursula's Grotto. In this room, you could insert your voice into famous Disney scenes and songs. Currently, this room is not available due to the Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet in the building. Hopefully, it will return in the future, because I'm not ready to let it go.

We hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the Sorcerer's Workshop. It truly is a nice space to spend some time, especially when the crowds or the heat become intolerable.

PurdyCool quiz results:

Stephen: Jiminy Cricket

Taylor: Belle

Holly: Lilo